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Tag A Tiny


Found a Tag? Please contact us immediately.

Over the years, LPRC scientists have deployed three different types of tags on bluefin and bigeye tunas. For implanted archival and simple ID tags, our research depends on the successful recovery of these tags. Due to our recent move from the University of New Hampshire to the University of Massachusetts, the contact information on the tags may either direct you to UNH or UMass. Both sets of tags are ours. Please read on to determine which kind of tag you have and how to get in touch with us.

What kind of tag have you found?

bluefin and bigeye tunas tags

Bright Orange “Spaghetti” ID Tag (Tag “A” in picture)– You’ve found one of our traditional tags placed on a bluefin tuna by a recreational angler. Please record the tag number, the latitude/longitude of the catch, and the length of the fish (or estimation of length) and contact Tim Lam (978-238-8208).

Bright Green Spaghetti Tag (Just like Tag “A” in picture but in green)– You’ve found one of our implanted archival tags placed on a bluefin tuna by LPRC. The green tag is only a marker indicating the presence of an electronic tag implanted within the ventral (or “belly”) side of the fish. The tag itself looks like the tag labeled B in the picture. Please retain the whole fish and contact us immediately. We will instruct you about what we need from the fish. If we are able to collect the data we need, fishermen are eligible for a $500 reward!!!! Contact Tim Lam (978-238-8208).

View our reward poster for more information.

Black bulb-like tag (Tags “C and D” in picture) – You have found one of our pop-up satellite tags (PSATs) placed on a bluefin or bigeye tuna by LPRC or one of our collaborators and fishing partners. These tags are anchored near the base of the fish’s 2nd dorsal fin, and are programmed to release from the fish after one year. Therefore, the tag you found may or may not still be attached to the fish. If the tag is attached to the fish, please contact us immediately and we will instruct you as to what we need from the fish. There is a $500 reward for the return of a functioning tag (either on or off the fish) and a $250 reward for a non-functioning tag. We also want to know if you found a fish with only the tag’s tether remaining. If you find one of these tags, please contact Tim Lam (978-238-8208).