Pelagic Research center



The Large Pelagics Research Center, in partnership with NMFS and ICCAT, is beginning an Atlantic-wide scientific conventional bluefin tagging program. Under this Grande Bluefin Tuna Year Program (GBYP), ICCAT researchers aim to deploy 15,000 tags in the eastern Atlantic over 3 years and LPRC researchers aim to deploy 4,000 tags in the western Atlantic over 2 years. All tags are to be deployed on 1-3 year old bluefin. This study is aimed at determining more accurate estimates of mortality and east/west mixing rates.

The success of the program is dependent on the reporting of recaptured tags. To encourage reporting, we have established rewards for recaptured tags. Tag rewards range from a t-shirt to $1000.

So, please be on the lookout for tags! Tag deployments in the east began in 2011 and we expect to see some of these fish in our fishery this year.

Also, be sure to check our Tag Recoveries page and our Facebook page to see reports on recaptured tags!